Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

I want to give those who still interested in following my blog the news that I am still alive and kicking. Not really kicking more like walking and biking. Not really walking but doing it on the treadmill. Not really biking but using the stationery stepper all at the YMCA. I joined the Y about 2 months ago and I have made an effort to go at least twice a week. I workout about 90 minutes. I have made efforts not to snack inbetween meals. I made a goal to lose 40 pounds by March 2011. I have lost 15 so far towards that goal.

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  1. Hi - just wanted to wish you the best in reaching your 40-lb goal. I just happened to stumble onto your blog today and I see you hadn't posted in awhile. Today you mention your 40-lb-by-March goal and I too would like to lose 40 lb by March! So...let's do it!!