Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am wishing for that click moment. I read about it in other blogs. The feeling that you finally "get it".

I believe I can lose weight.
I believe I can exercise.
I believe I can change my habits.
I believe I can do alot of things.

What I can't believe is that I am not doing.

Why isn't that voice in my head smarter?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its been a week since I posted so there is a lot to put down. Scott bought us both a journal and calorie book. My thought was to start using it on Monday. He had a show on Thursday at a county fair and I got to see David Cook sing before Scott's band played. We avoided eating carnival food while there; however, I ate from McDonald's before meeting up with him to drive there. I naturally woke up tired on Friday since I didn't get home until 1:30am. I was very busy at work and originally planned on skipping lunch. Then my brother called and invited me out to lunch and I couldn't say no since he drove out to my work before I got his message. I ate about 850 calories for lunch. The afternoon was less hectic but I still could not get much completed. Then that evening he and I went to our favorite gyro restaurant and I don't even know how many calories I ate but I know I went well over 1500 for that day.

On Saturday I was invited to Scott's parents cottage to relax and fish. I was prepared to leave my house but found my tire was flat. This was not the first or second time. It was more like six or seven times. I went to the dealership and got a new tire. When I told Scott he said it was about time I got it replaced since he knows of the numerous flat moments and that I have the money to cover it. I got to his place and we packed up the car. I brought too much stuff for just 1 night. He only brought a shirt and deodorant and I had a suitcase and another bag for toiletries. I needed a fishing license so we went to Walmart. We did buy some healthy food there too. We went to a family style restaurant for dinner. I did bring some of my food back with me even though I could have eaten it all there. We went fishing during the late afternoon/evening and I got some bites on the line and did bring in 2 fish. We stayed up late watching a movie and I was fighting to stay awake to watch the ending.

On Sunday Scott and his parents were talking about life and goals and ideas and family. I listened and enjoy getting to know them but when it came down to me I couldn't say who I was, what I wanted or my purpose. I felt stupid and upset that I missed a great opportunity to have a deeper connection. We had a healthy dinner of turkey burgers and a salad that Scott made by cutting up tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms and a great peppercorn ranch dressing. We did go out fishing afterwards but I was not getting the fish to bite. I felt drained. I was starting to think of work. On our way back, we came upon a rainbow. I got his camera and took photos of that and then of clouds and nature. I enjoyed taking pictures with the encouragement from Scott saying I could take good pictures of nature. We got to his place but then I didn't want to go home. We hugged and kissed, sometimes taking longer then I think he wants to do it. I left and was so tired that I went to bed shortly after getting home. I felt great waking up after getting 7+ hours of sleep.

Yesterday and today I feel like a failure. I haven't kept track of my calories in the book that Scoot got me. I was given some news at work that made me feel under appreciated and was still so busy. After work on Monday I should have exercised but felt drained so instead of going to Cardinal fitness, I drove to Qdoba and parked. I pulled out the calorie book and saw what a burrito was and talked myself out of going inside. That was a short-lived small victory. I left Qdoba and drove closed to my meeting. I ended up going to McDonalds and ordering the #5 meal. I ate that in the parking lot and then went to my TOPS meeting. On Tuesday after work, I told myself I was too drained to go to Cardinal so came home and finished the trail mix before eating dinner. I read the blogs from Sean and Jack and Zaa and Scott.

So why did I find something more to eat before writing this blog?
Why did I have to eat before TOPS?
Why did I have to eat at McDonalds?
Why is my mind telling me to eat?
Why can't I eat healthy?
Why I am so down?
Why can't I feel happy?
Why can't I feel that I am worth more?
Why do I need to ruin my life?
Why can't I spend money on more than bills and food?
Why am I rambling to Scott about work problems and knowing he don't want to hear it?
Why am I afraid of the future?
Why am I afraid of not having a future?
Why can't I be normal?
Why can't I talk about my desires?
Why I am so afraid to talk?
Why don't I know who I am?
Why don't I just give up on being in love?
Why I am still awake (its 1:20am on Wednesday)?
Why do I cry?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday morning was nicer then it has been in some time. I got to bed early and boy is sleep underrated. I grabbed my typical breakfast and lunch foods and was off to work.

Yesterday I had grapes and ate more than half of the package. I looked up the calories and was shocked. I didn't realize how much sugar and calories are in just 1 cup. I probably ate 4 or 5 cups. That is when I knew I should get a book on the calories content of foods.

I co-worked came to my desk and showed me a bag full of boxed candy. He wanted to thank our department for a project. I asked if it was ok to take a pass on his gift. He said definately and I was happy with myself that I respectifully denied the candy. Later on he said was there something else I would want. At first I did think of money but didn't say it. I eventually asked for trail mix. I should have just said I was fine with nothing.

Scott and I worked out together after work. I was very happy to have my partner there! I was on the stationery bike for 8 minutes before he arrived and then we were on the bike for 10 minutes. We then went on the eliptical and I could not even do 5 minutes. When I was working out regularly, I did up to 12 minutes on the eliptical. Even though it was difficult, I was thinking I can do better and have done it before.

I will do it again.

Scott did pick up a calories content book for me and one for him. He tells me it was jaw-dropping to see the number of calories in foods he used to eat. Never again wil he eat that way. I am so proud of the change I see in him.

Tomorrow Scott's band has a show at a county fair. We both said we did not want to eat carnival food. I said we have to plan ahead so we have healthy food with us. He has a plan for having his shakes.

Wishing for better tomorrows

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday started out very similar to yesterday. Just having enough time to get ready for work and grab breakfast and lunch. I had my oatmeal and banana and the fiber one bar and then the Lean Cuisine for lunch. I was not tempted to get any snacks. I think the calories are at 795.

I planned on working out but realized I forgot the lock and I could not store my stuff in a locker so I used that as an excuse to not workout. My though was to go home and ride the bike I have at home but it's surrounded by things making it nearly impossible to use. I grab a diet coke and started to watch my soap. The sunflower seeds were close at hand so I ate the rest before dinner. Then I had a boneless, skinless chicken breast, brown rice with cream of mushroom soup stirred in, broccoli and a glass of milk. I didn't figure how many calories this meal is yet.

Then I started to watch TV and go online to read blogs and go on FB. I grab one more diet coke and had 2 fiber one bars which are 140 calories each. I probably went over my 1500 calories plan.

Wishing for better tomorrows.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I will eat 1500 calories

Monday morning started a bit rocky. I slept a little later than I should but I was able to make it to work on time. I had plans to workout after work and I wanted to bring my ipod but without the time I left without it. I had time to bring my normal breakfast and lunch to work. I had a banana, oatmeal and water and a mid morning fiberone bar and a Lean Cuisine entree for lunch. The total calories is 565 which meant I had 935 left for any snacks and dinner. Around 2:30, I got a craving for food. I tried to ignore it and just drink water. It worked for a short time. I gave in and went to the lunchroom and got a sweet & salty snack of seeds, raisins, peanuts and m&m's which was 140 calories so now I was at 795 left for dinner. After work I went to workout and I did the elliptical for 5 minutes and then the stationery bike for 30 minutes. I worked off 150 calories (or what I like to say, I worked off the snack). I then went onto my TOPS meeting. I weighed in 1.4 pounds less then last week. I told one person there that I was re-dedicated to losing weight and sticking to 1500 calories. She was happy for me

Then I came home and my old habits are surfacing. I grab a typical dinner. Shortly after, I remembered a pack of sunflower seeds that I bought the day before and brought the whole bag to the living room and watched the DVR of my soap. I have eaten over half the bag and am struggling with not eating the rest. Maybe I should just go to bed. But that would not be the untimate answer.

I have to change my lifestyle.
I have to change my habits.
I have to love myself.
I have to do it this time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I want

I want to get up from a chair/couch just be standing up, not leaning on something
I want to take a bath in the tub, not just a shower
I want to wear a belt
I want to wear a tucked in shirt
I want to cross my legs
I want to wear trendy clothes
I want to go to amusement parks and fit into the rides
I want to run
I want to fit into lawn chairs
I want to play frisbee
I want to feel cute
I want to go shopping and have FUN trying on clothes

I will stick to 1500 calories
I will go the Cardinal Fitness
I will talk to my doctor about my possible depression
I will start to care more about myself
I will change my habits

I will do this for me

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I went to sleep earlier last night so getting up today was somewhat easier. For the 2nd day I did not have my typical breakfast of oatmeal and banana. I got a apple cinnimmon muffin from the lunchroom and drank my water. This was only 180 calories so I knew I would be hungry later in the day.

I wanted to go out for lunch but when the time came I didn't leave. I have an hour and can go to several places from fast food to a sit down restaurant from american to italian to mexican to chinese. 2 of us take our lunch at 11am and 2 of us take lunch at 12 and 1 takes a 1/2 hour lunch at 11:30. We do this to have at least 2 on the phones. The others always go out to get away from their desk. I am uncomfortable going out alone and would prefer to be at my desk to make certain I keep ahead of the work.

When I left work I was thinking of stopping for food. I should have just came home but the addiction was too strong. I got the #5 meal from McDonald's and came home. I gave the cats their food and then sat down to eat mine. I need to find another passion besides food.

About 3 years ago I was a member of Curves which was for women only. This is a place to workout in a circle of resistance machines followed by a step platform followed by another resistance machine that alternated on upper body and lower body. There was about 12 machines and 12 step platforms. I would work out for 35 to 40 minutes during my lunch hour and would come back to eat lunch. I had the drive back then but the location nearest to my work closed and I then let my membership end.

Now I am a member of a fitness club for everyone. I was going 3 times a week, sometimes 4 and in the beginning was very motivated to work out. I started this new program and when it started to become difficult to work on the some of the weight machines and to work on the floor doing crunches, I let that difficulty stop me from going. Today I made the decision to go back. I can't make excuses anymore. My future self needs me to get it together now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I started this day the same as yesterday. I hit the snooze bar several times. I did get up to feed the cats but I soon returned to the comfort of my bed. The snooze kept being hit until I finally realized it was past the time I could get ready and make it to work on time. I started to think if I should call in but soon thought that was a stupid idea. I had just got my workload to my pre-vacation way. As I was getting ready I remembered I needed to stop for gas. Why did I not stop for gas last night when I was out coming back from my TOPS meeting? I did not have any oatmeal packets or bananas to take for breakfast and I almost stopped at McDonald's for an egg mcmuffin but thought I could make a better choice at work. I found a chicken salad wrap and ate that for breakfast so I could take my pills and drank my water. On Tuesdays, I am part of a conference call to our manufacturing plant in China. This meeting is usually 20 minutes but it went on for an hour so I was concerned about how much was waiting for me at my desk. Surprisingly, just 2 voice messages and 5 faxed orders. I was already looking forward to lunch.

I didn't bring a lunch either so it was back to the lunch room. I chose a chicken frien steak sandwich and I had a fiber one bar and my water. I did a few work things but spent 1/2 the time making out checks and paying bills. Doing this took my mind off food and I think my mind figured out I was full since it takes about 20 minutes to register the full feeling. A person needs to eat slower and chew more.

My afternoon was good and I didn't take any snack size hershey bites .. YAY. I left work and as I approaced my car I noticed my tire was almost flat. I walked back into work and asked if anyone had access to an air compressor but they knew we didn't have an adapter to fit on the tire nozzle. I had to charge my cell phone before I could use it and I walked up to the front office to do this. Well to my surprise our switchboard diva Joanie had a small air compressor. She would use it while I sat on the board to answer calls. I told her she was my hero. I drove home in far more traffic since I was later leaving work and was soon thinking about what to eat for dinner. Eventually had a large chicken breast with boiled then mashed potatoes and corn. Have to eat fast so I can watch the All Star game .. GO PRINCE GO ..

I must get back to the gym. I hope my partner is ready to go back too. However, I will not let that stop me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I started my day by hiting the snooze several times. When it was the absolute latest to get to work on time, I got moving, got dressed, got things needed for later in my bag and off to work. I was so not happy it was Monday. However, soon after I arrived, I got a text from Scott saying Happy Monday and it brightened my spirits, if only for a short while.

For breakfast, I had oatmeal and a fiber one bar and my ever present water. We had a full staff in by 8am. Its been since June 25 that all 6 of us have been in the office. People were asking Karen about her week off and I just stayed focused on handling my e-mails and answering the phone. It was almost 9:30 before I knew it. This is my 15 break time so I am able to make my phone busy. I typically stay working on processing quotes/requests/answering e-mails since I won't be interupted by a ringing phone.

I had a Lean Cuisine meal for lunch and more water. YUM. I still did do a little more work while on my lunch break. I finally did open all the e-mails (some are not answered since I need to ask others) but getting to this point is very promising for the afternoon. I gave in to temptation by taking 2 snack size hershey bites from a co-workers desk. I little while later, I felt a rush in my head that was probably a sugar surge. The remainder of the day was ok.

When I left work, I was thinking of food so I stopped at Qdoba and had a burrito. I need to find out how many calories it had. I was then off to my TOPS meeting. I am the assistant weight recorded but had to be the official recorder since Pat was not there. I stayed the same weight as last week. One member lost 14 pounds. She said the best thing for her was journaling what she ate and exercising. It is all so simple if we can only re-wire our brain. I have support. It will happen.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its been a week since I have posted. After many days off I went back to work last Monday. I had a busy day playing catch-up. My job is customer service/parts sales/order entry for a manufacturing company. When I am away, those that call my extension will hear my voice mail message telling them that I am not in and the incoming faxes and other incoming phone calls get divided between the others in the department. However, our e-mail system does not allow senders to know that I am not in the office. I was able to view my work e-mails from home and did delete some but I still had 45 to deal with. It is very difficult to answer these quickly and when the phone is ringing and the faxes are growing, it cane make a person re-think taking time off. I got through Monday without pulling my hair but but still had so much waiting for my return the next day. I did a couple of errands before my weekly TOPS meeting. This is a support group of men and women trying to Take Off Pounds Sensibly. I didn't attend the previous week's meeting and I was not sure if I had lost weight. I did lose 1.4 and that was good enough to be the 2nd place in our group. It was a bad weigh in for most since it was after the holiday. I had to choose a NO-NO for the group to avoid in the upcoming week. I chose to avoid pizza.

The following day at work had my department down by 2 persons and it was difficult to deal with the e-mails since more and more calls and e-mails were coming in. The plan is that I am to distribute the faxes but I feel this needs to be changed. I think if a co-workers sees faxes on the machine that they can take 1 or 2 or however many they want. Since this is not happening I then take on too much work because I feel that the customer's quote or request or orders will get processed in a more timely manner with me. Why do I do this? Wednesday and Thursday at work were more of the same. I had Friday off and I was dreading returning on Monday. I believe I ate sensibly all week. I was planning so much for Scott's birthday that it kept my mind off food.

After work on Wednesday, I had plans with Scott to see the Brewers and unbeknowst to him I planned a surprise where his name would be on the scoreboard to celebrate his birthday (it was actually Saturday, but that game was sold out). He also got a birthday bobblehead of our mascot and a souvenir baseball inside a backpack. I gave Scott a card and we had a terrific time and the brewers won!!

After work on Thursday, Scott had a show at a local park and the weather was perfect. I started out sitting on the picnic tables but moved to a blanket. I took photos of the crowd and soon my legs were hurting. I think my circulation was being cut-off but the show was only 1 hour 15 minutes so I stayed put and continued taking shots trying to ignore my pain. Which is the reason I am in this situation, I ignore problems all too often. I got up after the show ended and this helped but my body was not 100% recovered. I think this is why during the next morning I had tightness behind the knee and in the upper thigh that feels like a clot. It is a scary feeling. The ache only goes away after I get my massager plugged in and have the rotating action knead away the pain.

On Friday, I went to pick-up the cake for Scott and Joe, the band's drummer, whose birthday is Friday and Scott's is Saturday. The band had a show Friday night so combining their birthdays was only fitting. I was suppose to pick-up Joe's girlfriend and drive to the show but other events came up and I ended up going to Scott's house to ride out together to the show. I had to tell him I had a cake so I could put it in the refrigerator. All things went well during the show and during a break we brought out the cake and I did eat a piece. Scott had willpower and didn't have one. I gave him another card and gift (UV vodka and gatorade). I had another surprise for him on his actually birthday. We took the leftover cake with us and when we got back to his place, he had a piece and I had a 2nd piece. I should not have eaten it.

On Saturday, Scott knew we were going on a river/harbor cruise in downtown Milwaukee but didn't know I had a 3rd birthday card and another gift. I took 2 pictures (1 with him in it and 1 with me in it) and framed these. The cruise was called a beer and brat theme. We both don't like beer so that was easy to avoid. We both did eat 2 brats ( I had them without the buns). We took lots of pictures and video. After the cruise, we walked around the downtown area. Afterwards, we got a drink at a restaurant and relaxed our feet. We discussed going to a better place for dinner. At this restaurant, we both did have more food/calories then we should of had but the celebration of his birthday, I think, took over. I was concerned that this would ruin our weight loss plans but decided not to bring it up. I began to feel this would only happen today and we would get back to eating more sensibly.

Which brings us to today. I awoke feeling slightly sore and needed to get a load a wash done before meeting Scott for another show at the Jefferson county fair. Time seemed to get away from me and I was scrambling to get contacts in and find a shirt to wear. This "not having clothes that look right on me" caused me to be 15 minutes late. I have to remember this feeling when I want to eat unhealthy. While at fair, I did eat a gyro and had a caramel ice cream sundae, which I believe was not bad. During breaks, Scott wanted to get something to eat but could not pick something. He hadn't eaten anything all day. It was an odd day all around. We left the fair and didn't talk much while in the car. He did say he would get something to eat and I told him to not go crazy if he had to get something fast since he did not have much at home to eat. I do have faith in him.

It has taken me nearly 3 hours to complete this post. Which has kept me away from the kitchen at least for now. I wish I had more faith in myself that I will just go to sleep now.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I had plans to clean house on Saturday morning. I awoke a little after 9am and one of my first thoughts was do not just sit on the couch and wait for later when I might feel more energetic. Now was the time. I began by stripping the bed and going in the basement to start the wash. I then went back into the bedroom to clear off the dresser. I organized some but had to find my jewelry box. I did stop to have 2 fiber one bars to take my pills. I took this opportunity to go on the computer and read blogs and read posting from facebook. I didn't stay off track too long. I got the vacuum and tried to remove the cat hair from the furniture. This took some time and I needed to rest. It's tough to say that doing vacuuming wears me out. Inbetween I went to the basement to start another load of wash. My brother mentioned he was heading out to Walmart and then a pet store so I put on my shoes and went along. We picked up a few things and I mentioned I needed to eat something and the store has a Subway in it. I was beginning to feel faint. It was about 2:30 and I had only eaten the bars. I ordered the chicken breast footlong with a drink and proceeded to eat both halves and it was delicious!! When I returned home I had plans to work in the bathrooms but I also needed to make the bed and still find my jewelry box.
I looked for product to use in the bathroom and found 3 almost empty cleaners. After spraying the tub I used all my muscle to scrub and scrape but in the end I was tired and decided to leave this to another day. I was giving up. I had picked up a computer game and started to load and play this game. Scott then called me and gave me information about the evenings plans. He had a show starting at 10pm. I figured I would leave about 8pm. While on the phone I seemed to get a spark of energy and I went to look for the jewelry box in drawers under the bed which lead me to find momentos I had forgotten but I put these back and went on with my search. I checked a couple other places but never found it. I then proceeded to flip my queen size mattress and then make the bed. In my mind I had done alot and I was finished. I didn't want to eat late at the show so I grabbed 3 hot dogs and some crackers. The crackers were high in sodium and just 3 crackers were a serving size. I know I had 5 or more servings. I was back on the computer to play the new game. I left the house about 8pm and met the group at the show and I was presented with my own band t-shirt. I changed into this shirt and watched the band set-up. I got the camera out and took a few early shots before the band played. It was an outdoor show and I was starting to feel a chill and then I remembered I had a sweater jacket in the car so I walked back to get it. I hurried backed and was not hurting. Once the show started I felt glued to my seat during the first set. I was snapping photos of the crowd just from my vantage point. The place started to fill up and I needed to stand and eventually get up onto the bench. The energy from the crowd got me moving. During the break between sets Scott sat next to me and I was running my fingers over his neck and back. I was feeling a vibe from him. I am not sure what it was but this was not the time to discuss it. He would say that I worry/think too much. Later on he said he was probably the oldest person there. The crowd was all college age people. I can't help but to think he was feeling down about his age and his weight. I know that I feel sad when my birthday comes and I am still overweight, still alone and getting older. For me I know that having a special guy in my life during my last birthday made it special. I hope he feels that having me in his life makes his next birthday better.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I woke up on Friday still hurting from the previous day. My ankle, the area above the heel, feels weak and hurts more because of the standing and walking. I didn't have this much pain when I weighed less so I know the reason behind it. I think it was 8:30 when I started my day with 2 fiber one bars and a diet sierra mist so I could take my pills. I can't seem to down pills with just liquid. I begin the day by turning on the TV and turning on the computer. I either watch game shows on GSN or home improvement shows on HGTV or TLC. I catch up on reading facebook postings and most recently blogs that I follow. I sat on the couch for a long time and then got showered and dressed for the day. I then thought about lunch but didn't want to go out since I was unsure of my plans for later in the day. I found 2 individual packed chicken burritos and microwaved these. I then tried to nail down my plans for the afernoon/evening. Before these plans were in place, I was thinking of eating but I didn't have much to choose from at home. I tried to take my mind off of food but it was difficult. When my eveing plans were in place, I met Scott for a bite to eat. I had a fish sandwich with fries. We both then had ice cream. I should be calculating calories to know if having ice cream fit into a 1500 or 2000 calorie plan. This is something I must work on. Then is was off to the movie. Since we just ate, there was no temptation to get popcorn. It was around 9pm when the movie let out. We then drove around to watch the various fireworks shows. I was happy to drive around without a real destination. The BIG fireworks display was downtown and evenutally we did drive towards that show and it was spectacular but we could not safely stop on the freeway. He drove me back to my car and after a few kisses and then just one more I was on my way home and thinking this was a great day!

Friday, July 3, 2009


On Wednesday I attended a wedding 2+ hours away from where I live. I had a simple breakfast of a fiber one bar before I left around noon. I brought a diet soda along for the ride. The wedding was a simple event in a quaint chapel. After the ceremony several of the bridal party and guests went to a lounge to enjoy a few drinks before the reception. I had 1 mixed drink and enjoyed listening to the bride tell colorful stories. She is so vivacious and not afraid to say anything that would embarass her or her friends. I overthink how to say things and most of the time stay silent. I knew the groom from 1 previous meeting but took this opportunity to talk with him. Among other things we talked about our feelings of insecurity and our fears of saying what is on our mind. My car had more space so the bride came with me and she helped me arrive at the reception hall. Soon after I arrived my eyes saw the food and my focus stayed there. I did only have a breakfast bar and a soda. I did grab a plateful and a wine cooler. After I finished my plate I was thinking of getting more but my fear of being getting up from the table a wiggling around the chairs of other guests kept me in my seat. This was the first good thing. Shortly afterwards the cake was cut and of course I did not refuse a piece. At one point they were trying to pass more cake around but never reached my table before it was all gone. I know I would have accepted a 2nd piece. This was the second good thing. The dancing began soon after. I found a place to the side so I could video the grand march and first dance. The bride made sure I came out to the dance floor. She knows how much I like to 'shake a leg' but need a push to get out there and have fun. I didn't plan on staying to late since I was driving back home the same night. I said my goodbyes to the happy couple and left. It was a long drive and I was starting to get drowsy and my great thought was to stop for late night food to wake me up. The freeway exits lists the hotels, gas stations and food restaurants that are upcoming. I never did find an exit that had a Taco Bell restuarant. This was the third good thing. Well almost. When I got off the freeway and close to home I did stop at a Taco Bell and ordered 2 grilled stufted chicken burritos which I ate after arriving home. Eating food was so engraved on my mind that it didn't matter that is was 11:30pm.

On Thursday, I was meeting my boyfriend and his band at a park and ride lot. They had a show at our biggest festival and I help out by taking pictures and video. I was very excited to be backstage and to see the festival grounds from a different vantage point. The show began at noon. They played for 2 hours and I took pictures from both sides of the stage, from in front of the stage and up above. I knew eyes were looking at me but the focus was on the band. I have been taking pictures for months but this was a very big gig. Once the gear had been loaded onto the van and taken to our cars, we went back to the grounds to walk around and get some food. I order catfish fingers. Later I got chicken strips with fries. I would have eaten more but our feet and bodies were tired so decided to leave. We tried waiting for a shuttle but after 15 minutes decided to walk it. It was a long trek since we are both carrying extra weight. I was very sore getting into the car but glad we walked it. After getting back home, I grabbed a bit of food and sat on the couch watching DVR shows from the last 2 days. I went to bed knowing Thursday was a very good day for me.