Tuesday, June 30, 2009

plans for the future

I had plans today to go to my financial institution to apply for a home loan to see how much I could be pre-approved for before looking at homes/condos. While gathering up the necessary documents, I noticed I could do this online. It took 30-40 minutes to provide the information. It will take about 2 days to determine if I am approved. I can then see what properties are available in my price range. I currently live in a house that my parents own. I do pay them rent but its much lower then a normal renter would pay. The house is in a area of the city that doesn't lend itself to 'hanging outside'. The layout of the yard is also not what I prefer. I want an area directly off the exit door or a balcony to place a grill or patio table. The inside of the house is roomy but in need of upgrades to get a more modern feel. Why talk about a home loan in a blog about weight loss? I know that my living in a place owned by my parents is taking the easy way in life. It's time to grow up and take on more resposibility with my weight loss.

The 1st blog of my journey

I am starting a blog about my struggles with losing weight to help me document my emotions and feelings and to keep a record of it all. I think I had a good day. I went out to a restaurant for breakfast and had a denver omelet with potato and toast and water. I was at a festival and had a chicken taco salad with water. For dinner I had cold chicken pasta salad with glass of milk. I snacked on pringle chips and a soda. My downfall seems to be the evening hours. Hoever, today was good since I did not over snack.