Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 28

I have been feeling down since Monday. How do you, "the readers of my blog" get over feeling blue?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 26

As I start this blog at 9:45pm I wish I had something interesting to say. I read several blogs after work and those are written with a story and have a sense of hope.

Check back tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25

I went to TOPS yesterday and had a 1.6 gain. I am not surprised by it. I am disappointed in myself.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, August 23

After resting a bit, we got up and began our walk back to the car. In the parking structure, I had to walk up a flight of stairs and it was not easy. I hate that feeling. Getting into the car was difficult too because my lower back ached and muscles were tight. It was hard to bring my 2nd leg into the car. I hate that feeling. We drove to a restuarant to have a sandwich and soup. I should mention that it was a cooler than normal August day, so soup made sense. I ordered a turkey club with soup. I got a cup of chicken noodle soup and told Scott that I was not going to add crackers to save on the sodium. After eating the sandwich, I got a 2nd cup of the other soup, broccoli cheese. I said I was feeling full and thought back on what I had eaten since finishing the walk. I didn't eat anything before the walk and made up for that after the walk. After being home for a bit of talking and then saying goodbye to Scott, I went to Subway to get dinner. I ordered the oven roasted chicken breast on wheat bread, no cheese, lots of vegies, and yellow mustard. After I was home, I played a computer game and watched TV on the couch. I then started writing my blog and it took several hours because I could not focus my thoughts. I noticed my ankle was feeling more sore. It was nearly impossible to get up. I felt very weak and could not put my full weight on it. I finally went to bed after midnight. When morning came, I felt the same ankle pain and limped around to get the cats fed and then me showered and dressed. Then all of a sudden the pain was nearly gone. I hadn't eaten yet when my brother came to ask more about the walk. We took a drive and ended up eating at Tazino's. I had a salad without dressing, with spinach and lots of veggies. I did eat a few slim slices of pizza but I did good with the portions. I should get to working on my new bedroom.

Make better tomorrows

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday, August 22

My furniture did arrive on Friday. My brother was here to let them in while I was at work. Unfortunately, the mattress was not in stock. WTF? I called and was told the mattress came into stock after the truck was loaded the evening before for all the deliveries. They told me they could get the mattress delivered on Saturday from 8p-10p. WTF? I asked which location had the mattress and them made arrangements to pick-up at the warehouse after work. Again, thanks to my brother for having a truck and tie-downs. We hauled the box spring and pillow top mattress into position and I was finally going to sleep in my new bed! My food choices were not all good. I ate 2 small cake donuts for breakfast and a ham salad sandwich with chips for lunch. After getting my mattress home, I went out for a gyro sandwich with fries.

Scott and I were doing a 5k walk on Saturday. We got to the staging area around 8:45. We picked up our numbers and donated our pledged money from family and friends. We took pictures and listened to the band off the front side of the starting line. The energy was high when I started walking. We had many others around us for support. Around mile 1 I started to feel sore in my lower back. I needed a "tow" from Scott. I held onto his arm several times. I leaned on a picnic table for one minute to help my back. I didn't want to sit and soon I got back on the path and made it to mile 2. We were talking and that made me forget about the back pain. I pushed and soon we were back at the starting/finishing area. I am glad I did it! We grabbed some snacks and took more pictures. We hadn't had breakfast so seeing food was grand. I grabbed a 1/2, fruit chews, jelly belly beans and apple danish kringle with a bottle of water. We got our picture taken then that was put into a Make-A-Wish button as a souvenir. We then sat and ate our kringles.

I have more to say but its getting late so I will write more tomorrow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20

I awoke today feeling very sore from sleeping on the couch. I cannot turn as much as I do in a normal bed. My leg and hip felt like it was numb since I stayed in the same position all night. I was rushing to get ready and wasn't able to take anything to work for breakfast or lunch. I grabbed a danish at 480 calories. Then for lunch I found a packaged diet plate of carrots, celery, egg, crackers and cheese. I also got a snack package of vege chips for 140 calories. I called the furniture store to reschedule my delivery and at first I was told they had openings next week and that's when I explained my ordeal. They came back to say that I would need to call tomorrow morning at 8am to make arrangements for a Friday delivery but when I got home I received a call telling me of a 2-hour window for delivery tomorrow. Now I need to ask my brother to help out and be here waiting for them since I have to work and he has Friday off. I plan on calling the actual store to complain and I will tell my salesman that I was inconvenienced for 2 extra nights of being on the couch and having to wait around all evening Wednesday for the truck that was 2-4 hours late and for having to make my brother wait here on Friday. I will ask for some type of refund. Before dinner, I grabbed some shelled peanuts and snacked on them. For dinner I had 2 pieces of meatloaf with gravy, a baked potato with 3 pats of butter and mixed vegetables. I hope to get some restful sleep tonight. I will be busy tomorrow since my manager is gone and I will assume some of her work and I have switchboard duty for her breaks and her lunch hour which takes me away from my desk for 1-1/2 hours. I hope my furniture does arrive since I will need a good nights rest because on Saturday Scott and I are participating a 5K walk to benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation that grants wishes for children for life threatening diseases.

Make better tomorrows

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 19

Yesterday I forgot to list what I ate for dinner and what I did all evening. I had to remove everything from the bedroom because I was getting new furniture delivered on Wednesday. I came home and started putting clothes and shoes in the closet and grabbing small items off the dresser. I dragged a shelf into the next room. I started to get tired but needed to keep going. My next idea was to move the dresser. I kept everything in the drawers so it was quite heavy. I got it half out of the room and then I realized I needed to get out of the room to push the dresser the rest of the way into the next room. I climbed on top of the dresser dragged my leg around the corner and then twisted down off it. I pushed the rest of it into the next room. I folded the bedspread and removed the linens from the bed. I lifted the hugh pillowtop mattress and stood it up along the wall. I was sweating but still had more left to do. I took a break for supper. I ate a salad, a skinless chicken breast and green beans. After dinner, it was time to tear apart the waterbed frame. Luckily my brother was around to lend a hand (really did most of the work) taking it apart. I did help bring the pieces outside along with dragging the mattress out too. I kept the headboard and pushed that into another room. Now it was time to vacuum the carpet. I have 2 cats so the hair builds up quickly. I had to empty the canister twice before I was finished. I then made up the couch so I could sleep comfortably. I really had a workout! The thought of having my new bed and mattress tomorrow made all this work and sleeping on the couch bearable. I awoke Wednesday feeling a bit stiff but after getting up and getting ready I was ok. I went to work, it was busy but not overly stressful. I had a breafast bar for breakfast and then a salisbury wrap for lunch. I also had a snack bag of vege chips from the vending machine. The delivery was scheduled between 5-7p. I arrived at home and found a message on the machine that they were running behind and gave me a new window of between 6:30-8:30. I quickly had dinner of a salad and spam/cheese sandwich all while looking out the window. As the night went along I didn't see the truck nor get a phone call. When 8:30 came and went I was quite upset that I needed to sleep another night on the couch. I don't know why but I though about eating. I grabbed a diet soda and thought that would end the craving. It didn't. I ate 2 more breakfast bars at 140 calories each. Finally about 9:15, I got a call from the delivery guy and he said he could still come by but I said it was too late and that I would reschedule. Well, its time to get the "bed" ready.

Make better tomorrows

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, August 18

I wanted to give everyone reading my blog a quick update. I was out of town from Friday evening until Monday evening. I went up to see Scott's band play on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday he and I would take a drive around door county and then head to my parents place. It was his first time visiting their place. On my drive up Friday night, I stopped at Qdoba and had a burrito and then while at my parents place I had ice cream. It's a habit to have ice cream when up there. On Saturday for breakfast I ate a omelet and potatoes and then drove 45 minutes to the town Scott was playing and parked the car and walked about 6 blocks to the venue. For lunch I got spaghetti and 2 small pieces of bread. I took some pictures of the crowd too. During the band's break, I walked out to the lake and walked out on the breakwater and took nice pictures of the marina and beach and boats and people. I was a bit out of breath on the walk back to the stage. I felt good though! I took more pictures and when the show was over I said goodbye to family that were heading back home and I stayed to help with the gear. Once that was loaed into the van, Scott and I stayed to get a bite to eat. We ate this terrific soup full of vegetables and it was called booyah soup. We soon headed to my car. We drove about 30 miles through beautiful countryside. We got a place for the night and it was next to a Walmart. We went there for a few items (some healthier than others) but we were on vacation. I got pringles and Scott got doritos. I thought I didn't do too bad with eating, although I didn't record the calories eaten. On Sunday, we got going around 11am and instead of eating our snack foods, we went to Ponderosa for their brunch. I had a great salad without dressing. I also took some breakfast foods in moderation and then another plate of a few lunch foods. I know I didn't have as much food as I used to at this restaurant. The real problem is that I knew my mom was having a big meal and with other family over for dinner. I ate more than I should have and even ate 2 oatmeal/chocolate homemade cookies. He and I took a drive so I could show him some sights and he could take pictures of the sun and clouds and nature. We came back and put in a movie and when I mentioned there was ice cream, he and I had to have some. I didn't record the calories. We talked again about his hernia and what was wrong in the insde and I got worried that this problem was never going to get fixed. I know I worry too much and that means I care. When the morning came, he was hurting and it was at that moment we both realized that we can't eat differently because it's the weekend and we're on vacation. I felt like I could've made different choices so that he didn't hurt. I was partly at fault for his pain. After a few hours, we got packed up for the drive home. We took the slower highway back and drove through tiny towns. At one of these towns we stopped at a family restaurant and had burgers and fries. It was our only food so I thought that wasn't a bad choice. I dropped him off and then I was off to my TOPS meeting. I was surprised to have a 3.4 pound loss! I get confused on why I have this loss with the way I ate. Later that night, I talked to Scott and he was hurting big time and I told him to think of me trying to make the pain go away. He mentioned that he needs to get back to drinking the shakes and lose a big amount of weight in a short time so he can have the hernia surgery to repair his insides. I told him that I will support him in any way he needs me. Today I went back to work and ate a fruit bar for 140 carloies and a Lean Cuisine meal for 240 calories. I also ate several grapes during the day. I found out that Scott's pain was not bothering him at work so that made me happy. I came home and got working on tearing down my bed and removing all furniture from my bedroom because tomorrow I will be getting a new set delivered. I worked nearly 2 hours at it and it was good exercise. So tonight I have to sleep on the couch. I thought this was going to be a short blog but as you read this you already know I was not brief.

Make better tomorrows

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, August 13

Its been 3 days since my last confession.

On Tuesday, I had plans to attend the state fair and I was leaving work early. I did manage to bring everything with me to work. I ate my banana and oatmeal and had a Lean Cuisine for lunch. The work stress was minimal most of the day but picked up right before Scott arrived to pick me up. We were taking 1 car down to park at the fair. I would leave my car at work and he would drive me back there after the show. After we parked, he carried his guitar and a duffle bag and I carried the camera bag and another bag of stuff. The walk was good for me. After he set-up, we grabbed some food. I had a chicken sandwich and part of the cheese fries. It was a humid night so that probably stopped many from dancing. Most just sat in their seats. Since photos of people seated are not the best for the band's website, I didn't take any. Before the 3rd set, I got 2 tostadas and ate them. When the show was over and all the gear was packed up, Scott and I walked back to the car carrying the same items back with us. We both were getting tired along the way. I ended up getting home around 11:30 and went to bed knowing I was going to do this again tomorrow. I do enjoy being a little part of the band. It was a not the best day for for eating but I did get some exercise with all the walking.

On Wednesday, I awoke still feeling very tired and was not as prepared with everything I needed before I left for work. I did get to work about 20 minutes early though. I ate my banana and oatmeal and had a Lean Cuisine for lunch. But soon after finishing the lunch, I was craving more to eat. My head was dizzy and I take this feeling of being a sign that my blood sugar is low. I took my coin purse into the lunch room. I bought a cold chicken burrito and ate that too. The work stress was minimal again most of the day but picked up right before Scott arrived to pick me up. I decided to drive my car closer to the fair so that when I left it would not be so late when I got home. I parked my car about 10 blocks away and then Scott drove us to a closer spot. It was then that I remembered I forgot to bring my ticket. He luckily had one that he was planning to offer to someone at his work. I would replace that ticket the next day with 1 that I forgot at home. We then walked with the same gear from yesterday to the show today. The stage was different from the other 3 shows. I thought the location would allow for more fair-goers to walk by and eventually come dance. The 1st set usually doesn't bring out the dancing fans so I didn't take any pictures. During the break I got some food, I had chicken tenders and some cheese fries. When the 2nd set started, I had the video camera out taking video of the band and soon the dancers showed up. The area had better air flow so it was not as humid as the previous night. I stood on the stage taking video and pictures. I also took pictures from my seat off to the side. I eventually had thoughts of getting something more to eat but I was able to stop myself from doing it. After the show ended, I was thinking that Scott should just pack up his own things and not help with the whole gear since both of us needed to get up for work early. Before I said anything, Scott mentioned that I should just leave with my brother so I could get home and get to bed. I didn't want to at first but quickly realized this was a good idea. Thanks dear! On the way out of the fair, I remember that my purse was in Scott's car. We were too far to turn around and I realized the only thing I really needed in my purse was my license. I called Scott and we made plans to get my purse in the morning. My brother had parked over 10 blocks away and I was very tired walking to his truck. He then he drove me to my car. I got home and should have just went into the bedroom but I made the turn towards the TV and then grabbed the last remaining pringles and ate those before going to sleep. This was not the best day for eating but I did get much exercise from walking. I went to sleep after midnight and was dreading hearing the alarm in the morning.

On Thursday, I awoke and got ready to leave to meet Scott to get my purse. I was in the garage and it hit me that I didn't have my phone. That made me leave later than I wanted. I believe he still got to work on time. I ate my banana and oatmeal and had a Lean Cuisine for lunch. I had thoughts of going back into the lunchroom. I took my coin purse and found another cold chicken burrito. I ate this too. The work stress was very low today and almost to the point of wondering if the phones were working. As I left work, I then remembered I did not bring the extra tickets for Scott. I figured I would talk to him and try to get the tickets to him on Friday. Soon after I got home, my brother was telling me what happened to his dog, Hunter. He had him down at the lakefront and was walking along the shore and the rocks when all of a sudden Hunter's foot was cut and bleeding. Apparantly, their was some glass or sharp piece of rock that caused the cut. He took Hunter to the vet and he needed stitches, antibiotics and pain medication. I went along when he picked up his dog. He was so groggy yet from the sedative that he laid motionless on the way back. It was odd to see this super energetic dog so out of it. After he got his dog in the house and settled, we went to a restaurant. I had a baked ham & cheese club sandwich with fries and soup. I ate it all with very little thought of taking 1/2 of it home. Another day of not the best food choices and didn't get any exercise.

I arrived back home and started to watch my DVR of shows from the last 3 days and write this blog. It is almost 11pm as I finish this so it is time for bed. I will be out of town this weekend with almost no access to the internet. So no new entry until Monday.

Wishing for better tomorrows

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 10

I hit the snooze too many times this morning. I was able to get to work on time but I need to stop pushing the limit. I ate my banana and oatmeal and started to open my work e-mails. I sat at my desk from 7am to 10:15 and didn't yet enter a single order. I was just responding to requests and printing the orders getting them ready for entry. I ate my Lean Cuisine and had a Fiber One pop-tart for lunch. I had both eaten in under 2o minutes and dove right back into my work even though I had another 30 minutes on my lunch break. Oh well enough about work, some people have it worse then I. I get to sit and be cool in the office. I was thinking about my TOPS meeting all day and about taking some filing home so I could get it in numerical order so it could be filed and off my desk. I thought I would work on it at home after my meeting. I was all prepared to still go to Cardinal Fitness but my inner fat voice told me to stop at a restaurant, get a table and work on organizing the paperwork before going to TOPS (I have about 90 minutes after work before the meeting begins). I need to go to Cardinal no matter what. When am I going to not let my own self stop me from going?

Thanks for reading my blog and giving me support and encouragement. It does help.

I need to get myself ready for tomorrow. I will be going to the fair after work with Scott. His band has another show.

Wishing for better tomorrows

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, August 9

The weatherpersons were predicting a hot & humid 90 degree day. I was going to a family reunion about 2 hours north of town. I didn't have time for breakfast before I needed to leave. There would be lots of foods later on. The shelter was indoors but it was not air conditioned. I was hoping we would have at least a breeze to cool it down. On the drive, the skies were getting cloudy so I thought it was going to rain. It stayed dry so I think that helped keep the temperatures down. When I arrived I was surprised by the low turnout. Then I heard a large group of family was staying home because my mother's cousin is sick with Krohns (?) and my mom's uncle is in hospice with cancer. With so few family, the variety of food was not there but still had tasty options. I enjoyed a salad of greens, cucumber and light french dressing. I had 4 meatballs, barbecue/manwich on a small bun, pasta with broccoli pieces, cauliflower pieces cheese cubes and an oatmeal/chocolate desert. I did not track how many calories I ate today. The weekends are tough for me to stay on track and on target with 1500 calories.

Well, it's time for bed. Going to be busy at work trying to get caught up after my 2 days off last week so need my rest.

Wishing for better tomorrows

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 8

Thursday morning I awoke will swollen ankles from all the salt ingested with the pretzles from the previous 3 evenings. I was planning to attend the Wisconsin State Fair with my brother which means alot of standing and walking. I wore sandles and brought walking shoes. I ate a banana before leaving home. I was carrying my purse and another bag of food to donate. This cans were heavy and after walking a short distance from the parking spot to the donation drop off, I was already thinking about sitting down. I felt better once getting rid of the weight. Note to self: I would feel better once getting rid of MY weight.

We stopped at a place offering potato pancakes so I had 3 cakes with syrup and a soda. We then walked to see the pig races (its a Wisconsin Fair favorite). Hammy Hamelin and Piggy Gordan won 2 of the 5 races. One of the races even involved ducks. We stopped at a shop selling sunglasses. I was wearing mine and looked at the selection but ended up not getting aything but my brother got a nice pair. We walked around outside but soon decided to go into the large expo center to cool off. This air conditioned building houses more than 100 vendors so we weaved our way up and down the 15+ aisles. After about 45 minutes, I needed to rest. We sat and watched young kids performing dance routines. When they were done, we got up and finished shopping. I bought a couple items. We headed back outside and went into the Wisconsin products building. We ended up getting grilled cheese sandwiches. We walked to the milk booth and ordered 2 flavored milks (banana and strawberry). I said to my brother that I felt full. We walked to the area where Scott's band was going to play and found that they were there setting up. I walked by to say hi and then left to head back to the car. My feet were aching so the walk to the car was painful. I needed to change into my walking shoes and to grab the camera for his show. Scott's band played a full 3 sets from 6p-10p. They had a nice crowd that got up front to dance. I took about 150 shots, from in front in my seat and from behind the stage and even on stage! I didn't track my calories but I feel I didn't blow it in a big way either.

Friday was another day off work. YAY. I didn't stay asleep long enough but I did lounge about until 10ish. I ate a banana and a Fiber One pop-tart. A friend called and I got dressed and met up. I was home by 1p to watch my soap. I was feeling drained from the lack of sleep. I ate another pop-tart. I then decided to set-up the Wii Fit I purchased with the Wii game system. After about 30 minutes I was ready to use the Wii Fit program. I stood on the board and was told that I exceeded the weight limit. I was very hurt by this fact. I packed away the Fit board and then played the Wii Play program. It was dinner time and I went out for a gyro. I didn't log my calories this day either.

Saturday morning came and I awoke to a few thunderstorms. I did a load of laundry and had a bowl of cereal. I get dressed and grab items I needed for another afternoon at the State Fair. I asked my brother to drive there and drop me off. Scott's band had their 2nd of 4 shows. The rain had let up and it was getting hot and muggy. During their sets, it was raining but we were protected by the huge tent. The crowd was good but no one was dancing up front. It was too sticky to shake a leg! I was offered a chocolate covered bacon on a stick which I ate because it was melting. Oh well. After the show was over and after they removed their instruments and loaed the van, we walked to another tent to listen to more music. I ate a meatloaf sandwich before we left the fair. My brother came back to get me and since he hadn't ate dinner we drove to a family restaurant. I ordered a baked ham club and only ate half and brought the rest of it home. I didn't log my calories again.

Sunday I am heading out of town for a family reunion. Its gonna be a hot, humid day and our building is not air conditioned. YIKES.

Wishing for better tomorrows

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

It has been a week since my last confession -- posting an entry. It's tough to remember the feelings I had and the events of the days since the last posting so I will try again to post daily. I wish words would come out of me like other blogs I have read. Their thoughts "read" much better then I could ever do myself. I know this is one reason I take 3-4 hours to write my blog. I write a phrase and then delete part of it and then make changes and then delete the changes and then write a whole different phrase and the cycle repeats. I am not focused?

Monday was my TOPS meeting and I was unsure what the scale would reveal. I had a banana and oatmeal for breakfast and a Lean Cuisine for lunch. I recently started to write in a food journal so I did track the calories I ate. I was generally over the 1500 limit I set for myself; however, the scale gave me a -2.4 result. YAY. Ater coming home from the meeting I ate a normal dinner but somewhere around 9pm I grabbed pretzles out of the cupboard that I purchased the evening before. I saw what a serving size amount was and how many caloires a serving was then I saw myself take the bag to the table. While I was on the computer reading a blog and watching the DVR of my soap, I would pull out a pretzel and then another and then another and another. I guess I had 40 to 50 pretzles. My fingers were busy eating, typing on facebook and working the remote. I guess I love multi-tasking!

Tuesday after work I planned on looking at a local furniture store for a bedroom set. I asked Scott to come along. I had 2 or 3 ideas from the stores ad. Scott provided his advice and then I chose a bedroom grouping. He also liked my choice of mattress. Earlier I had my typical breakfast and lunch. I was worrying about going home and how much I would eat. I did grab the pretzel bag again. I need to break my bad habits!

Wednesday was the same foods for breakfast and lunch. I had the next 2 days off work so I was hoping this day would be similar to the last two. It was! YAY. I met Scott at a Subway after work because I had a seminar to attend for 1st time home buyers. I went to hear information and to prepare for what I need to do. The wife of the bands former bassist is a realator and she was one of the speakers. The meeting was over around 8:30 and I made my way home. I had just about finished the pretzles over the last 2 days so I was less worried I would eat again. I didn't but from all the salt I ingested with the pretzels, my ankles and feet were swelling up. I have to NEVER buy salty pretzles!

I stayed up WAY late reading a blog. It was a blog from the singer in Scott's band. In fact, I had been staying up late for about 5 days reading all her entries over 2+ years period. Her husband was dealing with a cancer diagnosis and I had a similar situation with cancer 7 years ago. Both of our loved ones died as a result of the cancer. I wanted to get it all read before their show on Thursday. I never met him prior to reading the blog but after reading his words, I felt like he was a friend and I mourned his loss. I wish I knew of blogs when I was dealing with my husbands cancer and his death. She has a written record of his words and his feelings. As time has gone by, I have forgotten much about my husband. I am sure she has re-read some of the postings and loves to "hear" him again!

I will end my blog here and pick-up with Thursday thru Saturday in my next blog.

Wishing for better tomorrows

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday started rough. I had a cheese danish, a whopping 470 calories. We were short handed in my department and I have switchboard duty on Fridays (give the receptionist her breaks and lunch). For lunch I had a salad. It had cheese and ham so not sure how many calories but guessing 400. I was worried that the afternoon was going to be bad but it didn't turn out so bad.

I was going dog sitting/fishing this weekend at our "hideaway". Before I left home, I grabbed a chicken breast and 2 turkey dogs. I am guessing this was 500 calories. I was almost at my 1500 calories for the day. I got packed up and headed out to meet Scott. We talked about going to Walmart to get a few items but ended up at this dollar store and grabbed fiber one bars and pretzels. We munched on the pretzles with some salsa while watching a movie. I am guessing this was 350 calories for a total of 1730.

I woke up today and didn't eat anything until 11:30, ate a fiber one bar and water. A small 140 calories. I watched a movie and enjoyed being lazy. We left for fishing around 2:00 and I was very hungry by then. We both were saving calories for the spaghetti dinner Scott's father was cooking. We started with a salad. The dinner was very tasty and I felt full. I am guessing it was 1000 calories. We didn't go fishing because it was too windy.

A local bar was having a Gilbert Brown fundraiser for cancer. William Henderson was also there. Both signed autographs and there for pictures for $10 each. They played a Deal or No Deal / auction and Scott made a bid of $100 and got a jersey signed by Santana Dotson and another sweatshirt signed by Henderson. We also got their signatures. It was a very nice time. We came back to the hideaway and I had a yogurt while writing the blog which is 90 calories. The total was 1230 and I don't feel like snacking, Yay.

This is a great day.