Tuesday, June 30, 2009

plans for the future

I had plans today to go to my financial institution to apply for a home loan to see how much I could be pre-approved for before looking at homes/condos. While gathering up the necessary documents, I noticed I could do this online. It took 30-40 minutes to provide the information. It will take about 2 days to determine if I am approved. I can then see what properties are available in my price range. I currently live in a house that my parents own. I do pay them rent but its much lower then a normal renter would pay. The house is in a area of the city that doesn't lend itself to 'hanging outside'. The layout of the yard is also not what I prefer. I want an area directly off the exit door or a balcony to place a grill or patio table. The inside of the house is roomy but in need of upgrades to get a more modern feel. Why talk about a home loan in a blog about weight loss? I know that my living in a place owned by my parents is taking the easy way in life. It's time to grow up and take on more resposibility with my weight loss.

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