Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, December 7

This past weekend was fun. On Friday I met up with a co-worker and her sister and we listened to a local band. I had time to get "pretty" (put in my contacts and did my hair and make-up). She and her sister and another friend had been there hours before me and they were feeling no pain. I enjoyed their company. At one point my friend said I have a slightly evil/pretty smile and if I would open up more that I could have anyone I wanted even at my current weight. It was nice to hear that she thinks this is true but it is hard for me to actually believeit. Scott came up later and it was nice to see him. He took video of the band and I sat back at the bar after my friend left to meet her boyfriend. I had 3 drinks total. When it was time to leave, I said goodbye to the band that was playing and other band friends watching them. Scott walked to my car and I said I wished to see Brett Favre play in a game before the end of the season. The only date that is possible is this Sunday. When Favre got injured, the plans got put on hold. On Saturday I was to met up with a friend to see her son bowl but that got mixed up and didn't happen. Later I was attending a "fatty acceptance" dance after I bowled in my league. When I arrived to bowl, I found that 2 of my 4 person team was sick and that the other team was not showing at all. We bowled so quickly that I was able to get to the dance way early than expected. I had no expectations than to just dance with the girls and that is exactly what happened. The attendance was low and the DJ played crap until after 10:30pm. I had 1 strong drink the whole night. On Sunday I laid around until around 3:30 because I was tired from 2 late nights in a row. Later I went shopping and bought some food that I shouldn't have. I ate 2 chocolate chip cookies after eating Chinese food for supper. On Monday after work I went to TOPS and recorded a 0.4 loss; however, after coming home to eat supper I ate the remaining 8 cookies. I had the whole package near me and even with all the reasons to not eat them I just couldn't stop. I awoke Tuesday feeling super tired and high on sugar. So Tuesday is another day to get it right..right? The plan is to get to the Y tonight. Lunch time is over so it's back to work.

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