Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, November 25

I had a 2.2 lost this week. I will take it but know I can do so much more to lose weight.

Last week I was not getting enough sleep. While at work on Friday I looked very pale but still felt ok so I decided to stay my full 8 hours. I had no eveing plans so I came home and went directly to bed. I didn't eat anything since lunch before going to bed. I covered up but still had the chills. I slept from 5:30pm to 7am. I didn't feel great but I know the sleep did wonders. I grabbed a banana, Fiber One bar and glass of water. I still needed to rest but couldn't get comfortable to stay in bed so I went to the couch for another 2 hours. I had a long, busy next 2 days ahead of me. I met my cousin at 11am and she drove to her sister's house for a Tastefully Simple party. While in the car, I wondered if I was not well enough. I felt light-headed and uneasy. After a 1/2 hour or so, I did begin to feel better. I sampled the foods and had 2 diet soda during the 2+ hours we were there. I still had a looong day/night to come.

I got back home and started to gather items for my overnight trip. Scott had a show in a town about 1 hour north and after the show ended we planned to drive another 1-1/2 north to sleep at my parents house before our next event. When we arrived at the place for his show I could have ordered some food but I didn't feel hungry. I will say that again, I didn't feel hungry. On one break, Scott did say he was starving and might stop somewhere on our drive up to my parents house. The show ended later than planned and Scott and I helped take the gear outside and then load into the vehicle. We finally were on the road at 2:45am. I was not sleepy because I slept so much the previous day. We drove about 5 minutes and came upon a accident scene and the road was blocked so we had to find an alternate way. We stopped at a gas station and Scott asked if i wanted anything so he picked up some chips, cookies and pretzles. I should have skipped eating but I munched on the pretzles as we found our way back to the highway. We finally arrived to my parents house at 4:50am. We headed directly to bed to get in as much sleep as possible. I was lucky to get tickets to Lambeau Field to watch the Packers!! It had been 14 years since I had been to a game and this would be Scott's 1st ever game.

We got up around 9:30am and had 1 stop to make before getting to the stadium. We drank some OJ and had a piece of muffin bread. We made our stop at a cheese factory for some curds and limburger cheese (Scott's dad loves this--not Scott or I). The storekeeper could tell we were on our way to the game. I asked him for the best place to park and he was kind enough to gives us directions and a map page out of the phone book. We parked and began walking. The sun was out and the temperature was 53. Scott had his camera out and took some shots of fans wearing the home and visiting side jerseys. We got through the crowd of fans entering and to our seats about 15 minutes before game time at noon. My friend Karen and her brother were already there and we settled into watching the team being announced and running onto the field from the tunnel. The field and the players seemed smaller than watching it on TV. I grabbed the cheese curd bag and started to munch since I was feeling a bit light-headed. When half-time was nearing, Scott and I went to the concession area. I ordered chicken fingers with fries and a diet soda and he decided not to eat anything because the prices are so high for food and drink at sporting events. We got back into our seats to enjoy the 2nd half. Scott continued to take pictures and by the end of the game had taken over 500. The camera has an action shot feature that takes multiple shots all in just a few seconds. The Packers won!!! We watched the crowd and the players leave the field before we left the stadium and walked back to the car. After finding another route south out of town because of the traffic jam, we drove to Appleton to do some shopping. Not wanting to spend time sitting down at a restaurant, we drove to Mickey D's for dinner. I got a chicken sandwich and fries and listened to a CD from our shopping trip. I got home and we unloaded his things into his car and my things into the house. He left for home and I watched some TV before going to bed about 11pm.

I felt ok on Monday morning, not too tired from the weekend. I brought the remaining cheese curds and pretzles to work. I had oatmeal and poptart for breakfast. I snacked on the curds and pretzles all day because I didn't bring a typical lunch with me. I was not happy with myself because I ate all wrong. I did stop at Cardinal Fitness and rode the bike for 30 minutes before going to my TOPS meeting. I was surprised with the 2.2 loss and I thought my next weigh-in will not be as nice. I continued with not so good food choices on Tuesday.

It is now Wednesday. I had oatmeal and poptart for breakfast. I ate some Wheatables snack crackers and a donut before it was lunchtime. I then had a diet pepsi and ate 2 cookies. The afternoon has been very slow at work so I have been able to write this blog.

Scott and I plan on going to see another band play tonight. Tomorrow I will leave with my brother to visit our parents house upnorth for Thanksgiving. With my lack of control, this day will be difficult to say the least. On Friday, I will do some black Friday shopping in Green Bay and hope to walk off some calories. I plan on returning home on Saturday to celebrate my upcoming birthday with Scott. I will make 2 birthday wishes.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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