Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, January 28

Even though I went to bed at 10pm, I woke up late. I got up and out the door in 15 min. I made it to work with 3 min to spare. I got a replacement chair and all was good. I ate oatmeal and before I knew it half the day was over. I left the office for lunch. This is quite rare since I like to stay at my desk to do some work and surf the net. I ate a burrito (not the best choice). The afternoon was very odd because the call volume was slow. I was able to organize filing of my orders while handling the phone calls. I then worked on follow-up of quotes and gathered up new faxed/e-mailed order to process. I was asked to stay late to help another co-worker get her orders processed as she is on vacation tomorrow. I wonder how I can be caught-up and she is so unorganized. Then I wonder how I can put so much effort at work to stay "in shape" but not give the same effort at home and to myself. My dinner was chicken dumpling soup and a turkey/bacon/cheese croissant with french fries. I must end this blog so I can get to bed before 11pm.

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