Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, January 26

The day started ok. I got up a little later than I wanted but still had plenty of time to dress and get to work on time. I walked in with a better attitude than I have in some time. I thought "whatever the day brings, I will not let it effect my mood" I won't let others around me get under my skin. I kept that feeling going all day even when a customer called and basically accused me of being a dumb blonde. I vented and let it go and moved on to the next task. I remained focused and felt good.

For breakfast I ate oatmeal and then for lunch I had a Lean Cuisine entree and a Nutrigrain bar. I had an orange as a snack on my drive home. I resisted the habit of sitting on the couch to watch recorded TV and did a few task. For dinner I had 2pcs of meat loaf, 3 spoonfuls of sweet potatoes and of corn and glass of milk.

I should have done more activity at home. I will work on this.

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