Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22

My last blog mentioned that I finally booked a trip to Florida. I stopped writing my blog between booking the trip and returning from it. I enjoyed the time off work and all the attractions and adventures with Scott. It was a very wonderful vacation but because of my weight I didn't have the energy to walk without foot/ankle pain. After the first full day I developed a skin blister on the bottom of both feet. We have many pictures and memories of 7 days together.

One evening I was re-reading an excerpt from Sean Anderson's blog to Scott. It re-awakened my desire to get in control of my life and my weight and my future. I know Scott is feeling down about his weight and the hernia and how it stops him from enjoying more things in our relationship. We have to change the habits that have gotten us to this point in our lives and build new healthly ways of eating and living.

My new task will be to keep a food journal and to express how I am feeling so I can better understand why I eat.

I woke up today at 9am feeling a bit sore but not really tired. I walked into the living room and turned on the TV and went on the computer. I then grabbed rice cakes and ate a package the contained 7 cakes and the calorie count is 60 each for a total of 420 for breakfast. My thoughts turned to Sean's more satisfying homemade egg white omelets for breakfast at far fewer calories. I eat foods that are easy and don't take time to prepare. I will have to work on changing this habit.

For lunch I opened a can of chili with beans (260 per serving and a can is 2 servings) and dipped saltines crackers (60 per serving and 5 crackers is a serving) into it. I did eat the entire sleeve of saltines so the calorie total is 1000. It is very shocking how little I seemed to eat and how many calories it added up to.

I am doing nothing around the house, just catching up on recorded TV programs. It's a bright sunny day and I am wondering why I sit inside. I have evening plans but could have at least left the house. I need to not be so lazy. Did eating those calories at lunch make me lazy?

I opened a can of peaches (50 per service and a can is 2.5 servings) for a calorie cound of 175. I am over 1500 calories for the day and have not had dinner. It's upsetting to know that I exceeded the 1500 calorie goal so early.

I had a burrito for dinner so I really exceeded the calorie mark.

Tonight I am going to see Scott's band play. A lot of friends/family of his will be there. I am planning on rockin/head-banging to their last song with another friend Dana and taping it.

Tomorrow starts my newest attempt to change the bad habits and re-write the message in my head.

Thanks for reading.

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