Sunday, July 5, 2009

I had plans to clean house on Saturday morning. I awoke a little after 9am and one of my first thoughts was do not just sit on the couch and wait for later when I might feel more energetic. Now was the time. I began by stripping the bed and going in the basement to start the wash. I then went back into the bedroom to clear off the dresser. I organized some but had to find my jewelry box. I did stop to have 2 fiber one bars to take my pills. I took this opportunity to go on the computer and read blogs and read posting from facebook. I didn't stay off track too long. I got the vacuum and tried to remove the cat hair from the furniture. This took some time and I needed to rest. It's tough to say that doing vacuuming wears me out. Inbetween I went to the basement to start another load of wash. My brother mentioned he was heading out to Walmart and then a pet store so I put on my shoes and went along. We picked up a few things and I mentioned I needed to eat something and the store has a Subway in it. I was beginning to feel faint. It was about 2:30 and I had only eaten the bars. I ordered the chicken breast footlong with a drink and proceeded to eat both halves and it was delicious!! When I returned home I had plans to work in the bathrooms but I also needed to make the bed and still find my jewelry box.
I looked for product to use in the bathroom and found 3 almost empty cleaners. After spraying the tub I used all my muscle to scrub and scrape but in the end I was tired and decided to leave this to another day. I was giving up. I had picked up a computer game and started to load and play this game. Scott then called me and gave me information about the evenings plans. He had a show starting at 10pm. I figured I would leave about 8pm. While on the phone I seemed to get a spark of energy and I went to look for the jewelry box in drawers under the bed which lead me to find momentos I had forgotten but I put these back and went on with my search. I checked a couple other places but never found it. I then proceeded to flip my queen size mattress and then make the bed. In my mind I had done alot and I was finished. I didn't want to eat late at the show so I grabbed 3 hot dogs and some crackers. The crackers were high in sodium and just 3 crackers were a serving size. I know I had 5 or more servings. I was back on the computer to play the new game. I left the house about 8pm and met the group at the show and I was presented with my own band t-shirt. I changed into this shirt and watched the band set-up. I got the camera out and took a few early shots before the band played. It was an outdoor show and I was starting to feel a chill and then I remembered I had a sweater jacket in the car so I walked back to get it. I hurried backed and was not hurting. Once the show started I felt glued to my seat during the first set. I was snapping photos of the crowd just from my vantage point. The place started to fill up and I needed to stand and eventually get up onto the bench. The energy from the crowd got me moving. During the break between sets Scott sat next to me and I was running my fingers over his neck and back. I was feeling a vibe from him. I am not sure what it was but this was not the time to discuss it. He would say that I worry/think too much. Later on he said he was probably the oldest person there. The crowd was all college age people. I can't help but to think he was feeling down about his age and his weight. I know that I feel sad when my birthday comes and I am still overweight, still alone and getting older. For me I know that having a special guy in my life during my last birthday made it special. I hope he feels that having me in his life makes his next birthday better.

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  1. Good blog. You are right about the "vibe" I have no problem with my age, it's the weight issue. Keep up the blog. I need the inspiration!!!