Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am wishing for that click moment. I read about it in other blogs. The feeling that you finally "get it".

I believe I can lose weight.
I believe I can exercise.
I believe I can change my habits.
I believe I can do alot of things.

What I can't believe is that I am not doing.

Why isn't that voice in my head smarter?

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  1. Hey girl! About the "click"...I never actually had that moment like some people do. What I had was a slow realization that through my dilligence and focusing on my goal and making that more important than ANYTHING else in my life...that my habits were starting to change. For instance, before I started my blog...I was drinking 3 cokes a with each the time I started my blog 6 wks ago, I had it down to 1 coke about every 2-3 days. After about 4 weeks into it, I just happened to notice one day when I was mixing up a protein water that I hadn't had any of the coke in my fridge in 6 DAYS!! Hadn't even thought about it...just got in the habit of drinking water and protein water. It just kind of happened...same way with chocolate. I would eat 2 pieces nearly every day when I first started. I just noticed the other day, and actually commented on Sean's post one night, that I hadn't had any in a week! So no click moment for me...just a slow progression towards eating the right foods and not wasting my precious 1550 calories a day on empty things like coke...I'd rather spend them on REAL FOOD!! :)