Monday, July 13, 2009

I started my day by hiting the snooze several times. When it was the absolute latest to get to work on time, I got moving, got dressed, got things needed for later in my bag and off to work. I was so not happy it was Monday. However, soon after I arrived, I got a text from Scott saying Happy Monday and it brightened my spirits, if only for a short while.

For breakfast, I had oatmeal and a fiber one bar and my ever present water. We had a full staff in by 8am. Its been since June 25 that all 6 of us have been in the office. People were asking Karen about her week off and I just stayed focused on handling my e-mails and answering the phone. It was almost 9:30 before I knew it. This is my 15 break time so I am able to make my phone busy. I typically stay working on processing quotes/requests/answering e-mails since I won't be interupted by a ringing phone.

I had a Lean Cuisine meal for lunch and more water. YUM. I still did do a little more work while on my lunch break. I finally did open all the e-mails (some are not answered since I need to ask others) but getting to this point is very promising for the afternoon. I gave in to temptation by taking 2 snack size hershey bites from a co-workers desk. I little while later, I felt a rush in my head that was probably a sugar surge. The remainder of the day was ok.

When I left work, I was thinking of food so I stopped at Qdoba and had a burrito. I need to find out how many calories it had. I was then off to my TOPS meeting. I am the assistant weight recorded but had to be the official recorder since Pat was not there. I stayed the same weight as last week. One member lost 14 pounds. She said the best thing for her was journaling what she ate and exercising. It is all so simple if we can only re-wire our brain. I have support. It will happen.


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