Saturday, July 4, 2009

I woke up on Friday still hurting from the previous day. My ankle, the area above the heel, feels weak and hurts more because of the standing and walking. I didn't have this much pain when I weighed less so I know the reason behind it. I think it was 8:30 when I started my day with 2 fiber one bars and a diet sierra mist so I could take my pills. I can't seem to down pills with just liquid. I begin the day by turning on the TV and turning on the computer. I either watch game shows on GSN or home improvement shows on HGTV or TLC. I catch up on reading facebook postings and most recently blogs that I follow. I sat on the couch for a long time and then got showered and dressed for the day. I then thought about lunch but didn't want to go out since I was unsure of my plans for later in the day. I found 2 individual packed chicken burritos and microwaved these. I then tried to nail down my plans for the afernoon/evening. Before these plans were in place, I was thinking of eating but I didn't have much to choose from at home. I tried to take my mind off of food but it was difficult. When my eveing plans were in place, I met Scott for a bite to eat. I had a fish sandwich with fries. We both then had ice cream. I should be calculating calories to know if having ice cream fit into a 1500 or 2000 calorie plan. This is something I must work on. Then is was off to the movie. Since we just ate, there was no temptation to get popcorn. It was around 9pm when the movie let out. We then drove around to watch the various fireworks shows. I was happy to drive around without a real destination. The BIG fireworks display was downtown and evenutally we did drive towards that show and it was spectacular but we could not safely stop on the freeway. He drove me back to my car and after a few kisses and then just one more I was on my way home and thinking this was a great day!

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