Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday started out very similar to yesterday. Just having enough time to get ready for work and grab breakfast and lunch. I had my oatmeal and banana and the fiber one bar and then the Lean Cuisine for lunch. I was not tempted to get any snacks. I think the calories are at 795.

I planned on working out but realized I forgot the lock and I could not store my stuff in a locker so I used that as an excuse to not workout. My though was to go home and ride the bike I have at home but it's surrounded by things making it nearly impossible to use. I grab a diet coke and started to watch my soap. The sunflower seeds were close at hand so I ate the rest before dinner. Then I had a boneless, skinless chicken breast, brown rice with cream of mushroom soup stirred in, broccoli and a glass of milk. I didn't figure how many calories this meal is yet.

Then I started to watch TV and go online to read blogs and go on FB. I grab one more diet coke and had 2 fiber one bars which are 140 calories each. I probably went over my 1500 calories plan.

Wishing for better tomorrows.

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