Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I started this day the same as yesterday. I hit the snooze bar several times. I did get up to feed the cats but I soon returned to the comfort of my bed. The snooze kept being hit until I finally realized it was past the time I could get ready and make it to work on time. I started to think if I should call in but soon thought that was a stupid idea. I had just got my workload to my pre-vacation way. As I was getting ready I remembered I needed to stop for gas. Why did I not stop for gas last night when I was out coming back from my TOPS meeting? I did not have any oatmeal packets or bananas to take for breakfast and I almost stopped at McDonald's for an egg mcmuffin but thought I could make a better choice at work. I found a chicken salad wrap and ate that for breakfast so I could take my pills and drank my water. On Tuesdays, I am part of a conference call to our manufacturing plant in China. This meeting is usually 20 minutes but it went on for an hour so I was concerned about how much was waiting for me at my desk. Surprisingly, just 2 voice messages and 5 faxed orders. I was already looking forward to lunch.

I didn't bring a lunch either so it was back to the lunch room. I chose a chicken frien steak sandwich and I had a fiber one bar and my water. I did a few work things but spent 1/2 the time making out checks and paying bills. Doing this took my mind off food and I think my mind figured out I was full since it takes about 20 minutes to register the full feeling. A person needs to eat slower and chew more.

My afternoon was good and I didn't take any snack size hershey bites .. YAY. I left work and as I approaced my car I noticed my tire was almost flat. I walked back into work and asked if anyone had access to an air compressor but they knew we didn't have an adapter to fit on the tire nozzle. I had to charge my cell phone before I could use it and I walked up to the front office to do this. Well to my surprise our switchboard diva Joanie had a small air compressor. She would use it while I sat on the board to answer calls. I told her she was my hero. I drove home in far more traffic since I was later leaving work and was soon thinking about what to eat for dinner. Eventually had a large chicken breast with boiled then mashed potatoes and corn. Have to eat fast so I can watch the All Star game .. GO PRINCE GO ..

I must get back to the gym. I hope my partner is ready to go back too. However, I will not let that stop me.

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