Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I went to sleep earlier last night so getting up today was somewhat easier. For the 2nd day I did not have my typical breakfast of oatmeal and banana. I got a apple cinnimmon muffin from the lunchroom and drank my water. This was only 180 calories so I knew I would be hungry later in the day.

I wanted to go out for lunch but when the time came I didn't leave. I have an hour and can go to several places from fast food to a sit down restaurant from american to italian to mexican to chinese. 2 of us take our lunch at 11am and 2 of us take lunch at 12 and 1 takes a 1/2 hour lunch at 11:30. We do this to have at least 2 on the phones. The others always go out to get away from their desk. I am uncomfortable going out alone and would prefer to be at my desk to make certain I keep ahead of the work.

When I left work I was thinking of stopping for food. I should have just came home but the addiction was too strong. I got the #5 meal from McDonald's and came home. I gave the cats their food and then sat down to eat mine. I need to find another passion besides food.

About 3 years ago I was a member of Curves which was for women only. This is a place to workout in a circle of resistance machines followed by a step platform followed by another resistance machine that alternated on upper body and lower body. There was about 12 machines and 12 step platforms. I would work out for 35 to 40 minutes during my lunch hour and would come back to eat lunch. I had the drive back then but the location nearest to my work closed and I then let my membership end.

Now I am a member of a fitness club for everyone. I was going 3 times a week, sometimes 4 and in the beginning was very motivated to work out. I started this new program and when it started to become difficult to work on the some of the weight machines and to work on the floor doing crunches, I let that difficulty stop me from going. Today I made the decision to go back. I can't make excuses anymore. My future self needs me to get it together now.

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