Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday morning was nicer then it has been in some time. I got to bed early and boy is sleep underrated. I grabbed my typical breakfast and lunch foods and was off to work.

Yesterday I had grapes and ate more than half of the package. I looked up the calories and was shocked. I didn't realize how much sugar and calories are in just 1 cup. I probably ate 4 or 5 cups. That is when I knew I should get a book on the calories content of foods.

I co-worked came to my desk and showed me a bag full of boxed candy. He wanted to thank our department for a project. I asked if it was ok to take a pass on his gift. He said definately and I was happy with myself that I respectifully denied the candy. Later on he said was there something else I would want. At first I did think of money but didn't say it. I eventually asked for trail mix. I should have just said I was fine with nothing.

Scott and I worked out together after work. I was very happy to have my partner there! I was on the stationery bike for 8 minutes before he arrived and then we were on the bike for 10 minutes. We then went on the eliptical and I could not even do 5 minutes. When I was working out regularly, I did up to 12 minutes on the eliptical. Even though it was difficult, I was thinking I can do better and have done it before.

I will do it again.

Scott did pick up a calories content book for me and one for him. He tells me it was jaw-dropping to see the number of calories in foods he used to eat. Never again wil he eat that way. I am so proud of the change I see in him.

Tomorrow Scott's band has a show at a county fair. We both said we did not want to eat carnival food. I said we have to plan ahead so we have healthy food with us. He has a plan for having his shakes.

Wishing for better tomorrows

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  1. We did it!!! No carnival food!!! We're getting better every day!!! The true test is going to the cottage and seeing how the food intake goes.