Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its been a week since I have posted. After many days off I went back to work last Monday. I had a busy day playing catch-up. My job is customer service/parts sales/order entry for a manufacturing company. When I am away, those that call my extension will hear my voice mail message telling them that I am not in and the incoming faxes and other incoming phone calls get divided between the others in the department. However, our e-mail system does not allow senders to know that I am not in the office. I was able to view my work e-mails from home and did delete some but I still had 45 to deal with. It is very difficult to answer these quickly and when the phone is ringing and the faxes are growing, it cane make a person re-think taking time off. I got through Monday without pulling my hair but but still had so much waiting for my return the next day. I did a couple of errands before my weekly TOPS meeting. This is a support group of men and women trying to Take Off Pounds Sensibly. I didn't attend the previous week's meeting and I was not sure if I had lost weight. I did lose 1.4 and that was good enough to be the 2nd place in our group. It was a bad weigh in for most since it was after the holiday. I had to choose a NO-NO for the group to avoid in the upcoming week. I chose to avoid pizza.

The following day at work had my department down by 2 persons and it was difficult to deal with the e-mails since more and more calls and e-mails were coming in. The plan is that I am to distribute the faxes but I feel this needs to be changed. I think if a co-workers sees faxes on the machine that they can take 1 or 2 or however many they want. Since this is not happening I then take on too much work because I feel that the customer's quote or request or orders will get processed in a more timely manner with me. Why do I do this? Wednesday and Thursday at work were more of the same. I had Friday off and I was dreading returning on Monday. I believe I ate sensibly all week. I was planning so much for Scott's birthday that it kept my mind off food.

After work on Wednesday, I had plans with Scott to see the Brewers and unbeknowst to him I planned a surprise where his name would be on the scoreboard to celebrate his birthday (it was actually Saturday, but that game was sold out). He also got a birthday bobblehead of our mascot and a souvenir baseball inside a backpack. I gave Scott a card and we had a terrific time and the brewers won!!

After work on Thursday, Scott had a show at a local park and the weather was perfect. I started out sitting on the picnic tables but moved to a blanket. I took photos of the crowd and soon my legs were hurting. I think my circulation was being cut-off but the show was only 1 hour 15 minutes so I stayed put and continued taking shots trying to ignore my pain. Which is the reason I am in this situation, I ignore problems all too often. I got up after the show ended and this helped but my body was not 100% recovered. I think this is why during the next morning I had tightness behind the knee and in the upper thigh that feels like a clot. It is a scary feeling. The ache only goes away after I get my massager plugged in and have the rotating action knead away the pain.

On Friday, I went to pick-up the cake for Scott and Joe, the band's drummer, whose birthday is Friday and Scott's is Saturday. The band had a show Friday night so combining their birthdays was only fitting. I was suppose to pick-up Joe's girlfriend and drive to the show but other events came up and I ended up going to Scott's house to ride out together to the show. I had to tell him I had a cake so I could put it in the refrigerator. All things went well during the show and during a break we brought out the cake and I did eat a piece. Scott had willpower and didn't have one. I gave him another card and gift (UV vodka and gatorade). I had another surprise for him on his actually birthday. We took the leftover cake with us and when we got back to his place, he had a piece and I had a 2nd piece. I should not have eaten it.

On Saturday, Scott knew we were going on a river/harbor cruise in downtown Milwaukee but didn't know I had a 3rd birthday card and another gift. I took 2 pictures (1 with him in it and 1 with me in it) and framed these. The cruise was called a beer and brat theme. We both don't like beer so that was easy to avoid. We both did eat 2 brats ( I had them without the buns). We took lots of pictures and video. After the cruise, we walked around the downtown area. Afterwards, we got a drink at a restaurant and relaxed our feet. We discussed going to a better place for dinner. At this restaurant, we both did have more food/calories then we should of had but the celebration of his birthday, I think, took over. I was concerned that this would ruin our weight loss plans but decided not to bring it up. I began to feel this would only happen today and we would get back to eating more sensibly.

Which brings us to today. I awoke feeling slightly sore and needed to get a load a wash done before meeting Scott for another show at the Jefferson county fair. Time seemed to get away from me and I was scrambling to get contacts in and find a shirt to wear. This "not having clothes that look right on me" caused me to be 15 minutes late. I have to remember this feeling when I want to eat unhealthy. While at fair, I did eat a gyro and had a caramel ice cream sundae, which I believe was not bad. During breaks, Scott wanted to get something to eat but could not pick something. He hadn't eaten anything all day. It was an odd day all around. We left the fair and didn't talk much while in the car. He did say he would get something to eat and I told him to not go crazy if he had to get something fast since he did not have much at home to eat. I do have faith in him.

It has taken me nearly 3 hours to complete this post. Which has kept me away from the kitchen at least for now. I wish I had more faith in myself that I will just go to sleep now.

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