Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 28

I have been feeling down since Monday. How do you, "the readers of my blog" get over feeling blue?


  1. This is going to sound crazy..........but even after having just one day where I feel like I am completely in control of my eating and I get that honest to goodness feeling of hunger before I eat again, and I'm eating healthy, I feel better. And then I do it for another day. And another.
    I too have days where all I want to do is curl up in bed and cry. It's a lonely place, and I don't enjoy being there. Sometimes a good cry and taking stock of all the good-and the bad- in our lives is just what we need though. As long as we remember to get back up and start moving again.
    Another strange thing that sometimes makes me feel better is curling up with a good book. Either escapism or books on healthy eating. Those are my two favorite choices anyway!

  2. I've been blue for a couple weeks. Time. Patience. Knowing that I'm feeling all of life's emotions helps: life has ups and downs.

    If I get off my butt and exercise, that helps, too. It releases the good chemicals.

    Sitting down, writing out all my blessings helps.

    I watch the music I listen to--nothing sad, only upbeat. I am mindful of what I watch on TV--nothing sad, only uplifting. I rent funny movies.

    I write. I have a personal journal as well as my blog. Getting things off my chest really helps.

    Sorry you're feeling blue. Sending healing vibes your way.

  3. I will have to read your commnet in order to find out myself... I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I've felt blue many times in the last 350 days. Learning how to seperate my eating behaviors with those emotions can be really tough. But I realized early that this was something that I had to address because it's why I always failed before. It's a mental struggle Lisa, it really is. You have to stop yourself long enough to realize that these feelings of blue are temporary and these changes we're making have to be permanent to our way of life. It's one of the most difficult things to do, seperating the emotions from our eating habits, but it is paramount to our success.
    I don't really think this helps much because there's no concrete technique for any of this. It's all within each of our minds Lisa. But it starts with the most solid commitment you've ever made, a commitment to succeed no matter what. A decision that is forged in iron, it can't be broken---it must be honored at all cost. That decision to break through every obsticle that's ever held you back can be the most powerful thing. It certainly takes some honest concentration and a serious determination.

    My best always

  5. Gonna change that blue to purple!!

  6. Hey Lisa! Sorry I've been away...been busy moving and unpacking, but I'm back! Taking a walk always helps me when I'm feeling down...not necessarily a hard walk, as in exercise....sometimes just a leisurely stroll down a wooded path at the park, or something like that. It relaxes me and helps me clear out the bad feelings. Never, never listen to sad music...always something positive...upbeat....sometimes I call a good friend and just talk on the phone for an hour...I get engrossed in what's going on with them and forget about my crap for a little while....sometimes I call my Mom...just because she's Mom and she's my biggest fan in life. I hope this helps. :)