Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, August 23

After resting a bit, we got up and began our walk back to the car. In the parking structure, I had to walk up a flight of stairs and it was not easy. I hate that feeling. Getting into the car was difficult too because my lower back ached and muscles were tight. It was hard to bring my 2nd leg into the car. I hate that feeling. We drove to a restuarant to have a sandwich and soup. I should mention that it was a cooler than normal August day, so soup made sense. I ordered a turkey club with soup. I got a cup of chicken noodle soup and told Scott that I was not going to add crackers to save on the sodium. After eating the sandwich, I got a 2nd cup of the other soup, broccoli cheese. I said I was feeling full and thought back on what I had eaten since finishing the walk. I didn't eat anything before the walk and made up for that after the walk. After being home for a bit of talking and then saying goodbye to Scott, I went to Subway to get dinner. I ordered the oven roasted chicken breast on wheat bread, no cheese, lots of vegies, and yellow mustard. After I was home, I played a computer game and watched TV on the couch. I then started writing my blog and it took several hours because I could not focus my thoughts. I noticed my ankle was feeling more sore. It was nearly impossible to get up. I felt very weak and could not put my full weight on it. I finally went to bed after midnight. When morning came, I felt the same ankle pain and limped around to get the cats fed and then me showered and dressed. Then all of a sudden the pain was nearly gone. I hadn't eaten yet when my brother came to ask more about the walk. We took a drive and ended up eating at Tazino's. I had a salad without dressing, with spinach and lots of veggies. I did eat a few slim slices of pizza but I did good with the portions. I should get to working on my new bedroom.

Make better tomorrows


  1. I'm glad that the ankle pain went away. When I started out I had a lot of swelling problems and ankle pain. I don't anymore--it's wonderful.

  2. I just noticed you changed your ending phrase to "Make Better Tomorrows"....woo hoo! What a fantastic attitude Lisa...I love it. I'm also noticing how your food choices are improving...the Subway choice was absolutely proud of you girl! Also, the salad you had w/ no dressing, and keeping the portions in control with the pizza...super! I can see your changes and they are so, so exciting. I'm really enjoying your blog and the fact that you're posting more regularly. Yay! :)