Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, August 18

I wanted to give everyone reading my blog a quick update. I was out of town from Friday evening until Monday evening. I went up to see Scott's band play on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday he and I would take a drive around door county and then head to my parents place. It was his first time visiting their place. On my drive up Friday night, I stopped at Qdoba and had a burrito and then while at my parents place I had ice cream. It's a habit to have ice cream when up there. On Saturday for breakfast I ate a omelet and potatoes and then drove 45 minutes to the town Scott was playing and parked the car and walked about 6 blocks to the venue. For lunch I got spaghetti and 2 small pieces of bread. I took some pictures of the crowd too. During the band's break, I walked out to the lake and walked out on the breakwater and took nice pictures of the marina and beach and boats and people. I was a bit out of breath on the walk back to the stage. I felt good though! I took more pictures and when the show was over I said goodbye to family that were heading back home and I stayed to help with the gear. Once that was loaed into the van, Scott and I stayed to get a bite to eat. We ate this terrific soup full of vegetables and it was called booyah soup. We soon headed to my car. We drove about 30 miles through beautiful countryside. We got a place for the night and it was next to a Walmart. We went there for a few items (some healthier than others) but we were on vacation. I got pringles and Scott got doritos. I thought I didn't do too bad with eating, although I didn't record the calories eaten. On Sunday, we got going around 11am and instead of eating our snack foods, we went to Ponderosa for their brunch. I had a great salad without dressing. I also took some breakfast foods in moderation and then another plate of a few lunch foods. I know I didn't have as much food as I used to at this restaurant. The real problem is that I knew my mom was having a big meal and with other family over for dinner. I ate more than I should have and even ate 2 oatmeal/chocolate homemade cookies. He and I took a drive so I could show him some sights and he could take pictures of the sun and clouds and nature. We came back and put in a movie and when I mentioned there was ice cream, he and I had to have some. I didn't record the calories. We talked again about his hernia and what was wrong in the insde and I got worried that this problem was never going to get fixed. I know I worry too much and that means I care. When the morning came, he was hurting and it was at that moment we both realized that we can't eat differently because it's the weekend and we're on vacation. I felt like I could've made different choices so that he didn't hurt. I was partly at fault for his pain. After a few hours, we got packed up for the drive home. We took the slower highway back and drove through tiny towns. At one of these towns we stopped at a family restaurant and had burgers and fries. It was our only food so I thought that wasn't a bad choice. I dropped him off and then I was off to my TOPS meeting. I was surprised to have a 3.4 pound loss! I get confused on why I have this loss with the way I ate. Later that night, I talked to Scott and he was hurting big time and I told him to think of me trying to make the pain go away. He mentioned that he needs to get back to drinking the shakes and lose a big amount of weight in a short time so he can have the hernia surgery to repair his insides. I told him that I will support him in any way he needs me. Today I went back to work and ate a fruit bar for 140 carloies and a Lean Cuisine meal for 240 calories. I also ate several grapes during the day. I found out that Scott's pain was not bothering him at work so that made me happy. I came home and got working on tearing down my bed and removing all furniture from my bedroom because tomorrow I will be getting a new set delivered. I worked nearly 2 hours at it and it was good exercise. So tonight I have to sleep on the couch. I thought this was going to be a short blog but as you read this you already know I was not brief.

Make better tomorrows


  1. Great weight loss!

    I hope Scott feels better soon - it is hard to stick to a plan when you are out of your own routine, but it is something that you learn as you go along the journey.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. So sorry to hear about Scott's pain...I hope he gets better soon.

    Congrats to you on a TERRIFIC loss!! I know that feels great! :)

  3. Congrats on your loss! Awesome!

    - Lisa