Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, August 13

Its been 3 days since my last confession.

On Tuesday, I had plans to attend the state fair and I was leaving work early. I did manage to bring everything with me to work. I ate my banana and oatmeal and had a Lean Cuisine for lunch. The work stress was minimal most of the day but picked up right before Scott arrived to pick me up. We were taking 1 car down to park at the fair. I would leave my car at work and he would drive me back there after the show. After we parked, he carried his guitar and a duffle bag and I carried the camera bag and another bag of stuff. The walk was good for me. After he set-up, we grabbed some food. I had a chicken sandwich and part of the cheese fries. It was a humid night so that probably stopped many from dancing. Most just sat in their seats. Since photos of people seated are not the best for the band's website, I didn't take any. Before the 3rd set, I got 2 tostadas and ate them. When the show was over and all the gear was packed up, Scott and I walked back to the car carrying the same items back with us. We both were getting tired along the way. I ended up getting home around 11:30 and went to bed knowing I was going to do this again tomorrow. I do enjoy being a little part of the band. It was a not the best day for for eating but I did get some exercise with all the walking.

On Wednesday, I awoke still feeling very tired and was not as prepared with everything I needed before I left for work. I did get to work about 20 minutes early though. I ate my banana and oatmeal and had a Lean Cuisine for lunch. But soon after finishing the lunch, I was craving more to eat. My head was dizzy and I take this feeling of being a sign that my blood sugar is low. I took my coin purse into the lunch room. I bought a cold chicken burrito and ate that too. The work stress was minimal again most of the day but picked up right before Scott arrived to pick me up. I decided to drive my car closer to the fair so that when I left it would not be so late when I got home. I parked my car about 10 blocks away and then Scott drove us to a closer spot. It was then that I remembered I forgot to bring my ticket. He luckily had one that he was planning to offer to someone at his work. I would replace that ticket the next day with 1 that I forgot at home. We then walked with the same gear from yesterday to the show today. The stage was different from the other 3 shows. I thought the location would allow for more fair-goers to walk by and eventually come dance. The 1st set usually doesn't bring out the dancing fans so I didn't take any pictures. During the break I got some food, I had chicken tenders and some cheese fries. When the 2nd set started, I had the video camera out taking video of the band and soon the dancers showed up. The area had better air flow so it was not as humid as the previous night. I stood on the stage taking video and pictures. I also took pictures from my seat off to the side. I eventually had thoughts of getting something more to eat but I was able to stop myself from doing it. After the show ended, I was thinking that Scott should just pack up his own things and not help with the whole gear since both of us needed to get up for work early. Before I said anything, Scott mentioned that I should just leave with my brother so I could get home and get to bed. I didn't want to at first but quickly realized this was a good idea. Thanks dear! On the way out of the fair, I remember that my purse was in Scott's car. We were too far to turn around and I realized the only thing I really needed in my purse was my license. I called Scott and we made plans to get my purse in the morning. My brother had parked over 10 blocks away and I was very tired walking to his truck. He then he drove me to my car. I got home and should have just went into the bedroom but I made the turn towards the TV and then grabbed the last remaining pringles and ate those before going to sleep. This was not the best day for eating but I did get much exercise from walking. I went to sleep after midnight and was dreading hearing the alarm in the morning.

On Thursday, I awoke and got ready to leave to meet Scott to get my purse. I was in the garage and it hit me that I didn't have my phone. That made me leave later than I wanted. I believe he still got to work on time. I ate my banana and oatmeal and had a Lean Cuisine for lunch. I had thoughts of going back into the lunchroom. I took my coin purse and found another cold chicken burrito. I ate this too. The work stress was very low today and almost to the point of wondering if the phones were working. As I left work, I then remembered I did not bring the extra tickets for Scott. I figured I would talk to him and try to get the tickets to him on Friday. Soon after I got home, my brother was telling me what happened to his dog, Hunter. He had him down at the lakefront and was walking along the shore and the rocks when all of a sudden Hunter's foot was cut and bleeding. Apparantly, their was some glass or sharp piece of rock that caused the cut. He took Hunter to the vet and he needed stitches, antibiotics and pain medication. I went along when he picked up his dog. He was so groggy yet from the sedative that he laid motionless on the way back. It was odd to see this super energetic dog so out of it. After he got his dog in the house and settled, we went to a restaurant. I had a baked ham & cheese club sandwich with fries and soup. I ate it all with very little thought of taking 1/2 of it home. Another day of not the best food choices and didn't get any exercise.

I arrived back home and started to watch my DVR of shows from the last 3 days and write this blog. It is almost 11pm as I finish this so it is time for bed. I will be out of town this weekend with almost no access to the internet. So no new entry until Monday.

Wishing for better tomorrows


  1. I'm going to refer to Tammy's previous comment with regards to "wishing" for a better eating day. It's time to make that a plan of "action". You are so ready to take this step, I can hear it in your voice! I know, I've been there. And now I'm here for you, as are the rest of us. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS.

  2. All it takes is a little more planning girlfriend, and then you'll be able to avoid all that fair food. You're doing great with getting all that walking in...that's if we could just reign in those calories with healthier choices, you'll be flying down that scale in no time!! I'll support you all the way Lisa...we're all in it together. I hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

  3. I have had days like that. It will pass!