Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 8

Thursday morning I awoke will swollen ankles from all the salt ingested with the pretzles from the previous 3 evenings. I was planning to attend the Wisconsin State Fair with my brother which means alot of standing and walking. I wore sandles and brought walking shoes. I ate a banana before leaving home. I was carrying my purse and another bag of food to donate. This cans were heavy and after walking a short distance from the parking spot to the donation drop off, I was already thinking about sitting down. I felt better once getting rid of the weight. Note to self: I would feel better once getting rid of MY weight.

We stopped at a place offering potato pancakes so I had 3 cakes with syrup and a soda. We then walked to see the pig races (its a Wisconsin Fair favorite). Hammy Hamelin and Piggy Gordan won 2 of the 5 races. One of the races even involved ducks. We stopped at a shop selling sunglasses. I was wearing mine and looked at the selection but ended up not getting aything but my brother got a nice pair. We walked around outside but soon decided to go into the large expo center to cool off. This air conditioned building houses more than 100 vendors so we weaved our way up and down the 15+ aisles. After about 45 minutes, I needed to rest. We sat and watched young kids performing dance routines. When they were done, we got up and finished shopping. I bought a couple items. We headed back outside and went into the Wisconsin products building. We ended up getting grilled cheese sandwiches. We walked to the milk booth and ordered 2 flavored milks (banana and strawberry). I said to my brother that I felt full. We walked to the area where Scott's band was going to play and found that they were there setting up. I walked by to say hi and then left to head back to the car. My feet were aching so the walk to the car was painful. I needed to change into my walking shoes and to grab the camera for his show. Scott's band played a full 3 sets from 6p-10p. They had a nice crowd that got up front to dance. I took about 150 shots, from in front in my seat and from behind the stage and even on stage! I didn't track my calories but I feel I didn't blow it in a big way either.

Friday was another day off work. YAY. I didn't stay asleep long enough but I did lounge about until 10ish. I ate a banana and a Fiber One pop-tart. A friend called and I got dressed and met up. I was home by 1p to watch my soap. I was feeling drained from the lack of sleep. I ate another pop-tart. I then decided to set-up the Wii Fit I purchased with the Wii game system. After about 30 minutes I was ready to use the Wii Fit program. I stood on the board and was told that I exceeded the weight limit. I was very hurt by this fact. I packed away the Fit board and then played the Wii Play program. It was dinner time and I went out for a gyro. I didn't log my calories this day either.

Saturday morning came and I awoke to a few thunderstorms. I did a load of laundry and had a bowl of cereal. I get dressed and grab items I needed for another afternoon at the State Fair. I asked my brother to drive there and drop me off. Scott's band had their 2nd of 4 shows. The rain had let up and it was getting hot and muggy. During their sets, it was raining but we were protected by the huge tent. The crowd was good but no one was dancing up front. It was too sticky to shake a leg! I was offered a chocolate covered bacon on a stick which I ate because it was melting. Oh well. After the show was over and after they removed their instruments and loaed the van, we walked to another tent to listen to more music. I ate a meatloaf sandwich before we left the fair. My brother came back to get me and since he hadn't ate dinner we drove to a family restaurant. I ordered a baked ham club and only ate half and brought the rest of it home. I didn't log my calories again.

Sunday I am heading out of town for a family reunion. Its gonna be a hot, humid day and our building is not air conditioned. YIKES.

Wishing for better tomorrows

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  1. Your blogs sound no different from anyone elses. They are just as good and equally as fun to read!