Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday, August 22

My furniture did arrive on Friday. My brother was here to let them in while I was at work. Unfortunately, the mattress was not in stock. WTF? I called and was told the mattress came into stock after the truck was loaded the evening before for all the deliveries. They told me they could get the mattress delivered on Saturday from 8p-10p. WTF? I asked which location had the mattress and them made arrangements to pick-up at the warehouse after work. Again, thanks to my brother for having a truck and tie-downs. We hauled the box spring and pillow top mattress into position and I was finally going to sleep in my new bed! My food choices were not all good. I ate 2 small cake donuts for breakfast and a ham salad sandwich with chips for lunch. After getting my mattress home, I went out for a gyro sandwich with fries.

Scott and I were doing a 5k walk on Saturday. We got to the staging area around 8:45. We picked up our numbers and donated our pledged money from family and friends. We took pictures and listened to the band off the front side of the starting line. The energy was high when I started walking. We had many others around us for support. Around mile 1 I started to feel sore in my lower back. I needed a "tow" from Scott. I held onto his arm several times. I leaned on a picnic table for one minute to help my back. I didn't want to sit and soon I got back on the path and made it to mile 2. We were talking and that made me forget about the back pain. I pushed and soon we were back at the starting/finishing area. I am glad I did it! We grabbed some snacks and took more pictures. We hadn't had breakfast so seeing food was grand. I grabbed a 1/2, fruit chews, jelly belly beans and apple danish kringle with a bottle of water. We got our picture taken then that was put into a Make-A-Wish button as a souvenir. We then sat and ate our kringles.

I have more to say but its getting late so I will write more tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic success! Sleep is so important (I need to really realize this myself) and that new bed of yours will be worth it's weight in gold to your success.
    Are you counting calories or just portions? I think you'll find counting calories a wonderful measuring stick and learning tool on portion control. It's been a real blessing to me.
    I hope you're doing fine---great job on the walk---very nice. I hope the back pain is a temporary issue this time.

    My best always

  2. Congrats on the 5k...what a wonderful accomplishment! I'm proud of you for pushing through the pain and getting it done Lisa...that's excellent. :) I'm with Sean...consistency on the calories...say 1500/day...will get you where you want to be and at a much faster rate. :)