Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 19

Yesterday I forgot to list what I ate for dinner and what I did all evening. I had to remove everything from the bedroom because I was getting new furniture delivered on Wednesday. I came home and started putting clothes and shoes in the closet and grabbing small items off the dresser. I dragged a shelf into the next room. I started to get tired but needed to keep going. My next idea was to move the dresser. I kept everything in the drawers so it was quite heavy. I got it half out of the room and then I realized I needed to get out of the room to push the dresser the rest of the way into the next room. I climbed on top of the dresser dragged my leg around the corner and then twisted down off it. I pushed the rest of it into the next room. I folded the bedspread and removed the linens from the bed. I lifted the hugh pillowtop mattress and stood it up along the wall. I was sweating but still had more left to do. I took a break for supper. I ate a salad, a skinless chicken breast and green beans. After dinner, it was time to tear apart the waterbed frame. Luckily my brother was around to lend a hand (really did most of the work) taking it apart. I did help bring the pieces outside along with dragging the mattress out too. I kept the headboard and pushed that into another room. Now it was time to vacuum the carpet. I have 2 cats so the hair builds up quickly. I had to empty the canister twice before I was finished. I then made up the couch so I could sleep comfortably. I really had a workout! The thought of having my new bed and mattress tomorrow made all this work and sleeping on the couch bearable. I awoke Wednesday feeling a bit stiff but after getting up and getting ready I was ok. I went to work, it was busy but not overly stressful. I had a breafast bar for breakfast and then a salisbury wrap for lunch. I also had a snack bag of vege chips from the vending machine. The delivery was scheduled between 5-7p. I arrived at home and found a message on the machine that they were running behind and gave me a new window of between 6:30-8:30. I quickly had dinner of a salad and spam/cheese sandwich all while looking out the window. As the night went along I didn't see the truck nor get a phone call. When 8:30 came and went I was quite upset that I needed to sleep another night on the couch. I don't know why but I though about eating. I grabbed a diet soda and thought that would end the craving. It didn't. I ate 2 more breakfast bars at 140 calories each. Finally about 9:15, I got a call from the delivery guy and he said he could still come by but I said it was too late and that I would reschedule. Well, its time to get the "bed" ready.

Make better tomorrows


  1. Sorry you didn't get your bed. I know sleeping on the couch is no fun. Excellent job on the dinner with salad, chicken and green beans! Good for you!! The good choices will eventually replace all of the not-so-good ones. Just keep working at it girl...I'm proud of you! :)